A Fantastic Conversation with J Gilmore. We Cover Her Career as a Firefighter, PIO, Fire Investigator, and the Important Work J is Doing in the Prevention World. Listen now (105 min) | We talk about training for marathons, her experience as a woman in fire, and so much more.
Plus compared to other January 30ths... this will be a breeze.
Weekly Wildfire Update: The Hotshot Superintendent AAR. We Cover Topics Discussed/Updates Given. Hotshot Pilot Programs, National Standardization, etc… Oregon Again Delays Wildfire Risk Map. Listen now (131 min) | Also updates on New Mexico’s prescribed fire legislation and the 2020 Eldorado Fire court case.
It might actually be good for you.
The Supt Series: My Conversation with Ben Strahan, Eldorado Hotshot Superintendent. We Cover Fire Culture, Changes in the Wildfire World, Full Time Firefighting, Plant Medicines, Mental Health & more.Listen now (93 min) | A fascinating conversation.
Monday Morning Workout
The Supt Series: A Conversation With Shawn Borgen, Superintendent of the Flathead Hotshots. With 30 Years of Wildfire Experience, Shawn Brings a Wealth of Knowledge to the Table.Listen now (97 min) | We cover everything from advice to new firefighters, mental health, drones, dirt bikes on fires, to life after wildfire.
3 minutes can change the whole day.
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The Hotshot Wake Up