Nov 4, 2022 • 1HR 44M

Podcast: Poachers Start a Wildfire in the Northern Boreal Forest This Week. Is Your Christmas Tree Poached? "Rampant Problem" Crackhead in Colorado Starts a Fire. Wildfire Fatality in Minnesota.

Kansas Burns. Operational Update Plus More.

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A Hotshot's view of wildfire and the World. Weekly worldwide wildfire updates. Ex Hotshot overhead and crewboss.
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On today’s show:

  • Tree poachers start a wildfire in the Northern Boreal Forest this week. Officials say it’s become a “rampant problem”. Kind of looks like what California’s harvest season is in their forests. Is your Christmas tree poached?

    green pine tree under blue sky during night time
  • Kansas has a 10 mile long fire. Crews moving into the South again.

  • Obscure fires. Crackhead in Colorado starts a fire. Found shirtless flapping at the fire.

  • Wildfire Fatality in Minnesota.

  • Operational Update.

  • Plus more.

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