Mar 23 • 57M

Lawsuit to Ban Fire Retardant Nationwide Gains Steam. Huge Implications. Oregon Now Banning People From Using the Wildfire Risk Map THEY Created. A Letter From Chief Randy Moore.

Lots of news this week.

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On today’s show:

  • Lawsuit out of Montana to ban the use of fire retardant nationwide gains steam. Congress discusses it and proposes a Clean Water Act exemption for the Forest Service.

    a red plane is flying over a mountain
    Photo by Mike Newbry
  • The group Forest Service Employees for Environmental Ethics says retardant needs permitting and is not useful to stop wildfires.


  • Oregon is now banning people from using the wildfire risk map they created after insurance companies started raising and canceling residents’ policies… as predicted. “Who could have seen this coming?”

  • Forest Service Chief writes a letter to employees. I cover what is said and what to expect moving into the fire season.

  • Plus more.

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