Jan 5 • 38M

Podcast: New Law Passed That Allows Unlimited Military Transfer of Aviation Equipment to the States and Fed Agencies for Wildfire. Still Waiting for Pay... At What Point Do We Call it Fraud?!

How has this not been straightened out yet?!

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On Today’s Show:

  • We discuss the new law passed that allows the unlimited transfer of military aviation equipment to Fed agencies and States. California wants to be first in line.

A10 Warthog: The Aviation Geek Club
  • Pros, Cons, and the Details.

  • Firefighters still waiting for their payments from the 2021 Infrastructure Law say they are being told it’ll be paid by March now.

  • Some are being told retention pay will be deducted from new raises…

  • Can we start to call this rollout fraudulent?

  • Where are all the media heads that promoted this thing?!

  • Plus more.

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