Jan 8 • 37M

The Echo's of Calf Canyon\Hermits Peak Fire: New Mexico Introduces Bill to Ban Prescribed Fire. Huge Implications if Passed. Wildfire Arson Up 10% in California in 2022. CalFire Arrests 160 Suspects.

Wildfire Arson Arrests up Nearly 100% in 5 years.

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On Today’s Show:

  • A Senator in New Mexico introduces Bill to ban prescribed fire in the Spring. The Law, if passed, would prohibit prescribed burns from ANY Government body.

  • Huge implications if passed. These are the ripple effects of the Calf Canyon and Hermits Peak Fires.

  • CalFire arrests record number of arsonists in 2022.

  • A 10% increase year over year and nearly a 100% increase in the last 5 years.

  • What is causing this?

  • Plus more.

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