May 27, 2022

Weekly Wildfire Update: Alaska Starts, Colorado Ready, Southwest Continues, Firefighter Revives Baby Elk, Hotshots Saving Horses, Huge Seed Nursery Evacuated, Mandatory GPS Tracking for Firefighters

Plus More

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A Hotshot's view of wildfire and the World. Weekly worldwide wildfire updates. Ex Hotshot overhead and crewboss.
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On this week’s Weekly Wildfire Update:

  • Alaska Starts. Multiple new fires up North. Colorado sees more frequent IA’s. The Southwest continues to burn.

  • Firefighter Revives Baby Elk, Hotshots saving horses, and more animal rescue stories.

  • Massive Seed Nursery Evacuated. Millions of seed and seedlings moved in a frantic rush.

  • Mandatory GPS Tracking for Firefighters. A new poll conducted. What to policy makers want.

  • Plus More.

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