Apr 15, 2022 • 40M

Weekly Wildfire Update: McBride Fatalities, Hermits Peak Apology Tour, Caterer Crisis, Fire Mitigation In California is Broken, Forest Service Resignation Goes Viral.

Hotshots VS Line Medics…Plus more

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A Hotshot's view of wildfire and the World. Weekly worldwide wildfire updates. Ex Hotshot overhead and crewboss.
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On this week’s Podcast we cover:

  • McBride Fire Fatalities and operational update.

  • The Forest Service’s Hermits Peak Fire Apology Tour and operational update.

  • Caterer Crisis, Caterers reach out to me.

  • Fire Mitigation In California is Broken. Projects and Prescribed burning stalled.

  • Forest Service Resignation Goes Viral. Great read and a wake up call to fire Officials.

  • PG&E got off easy, but can this problem be solved?

  • Line Medics VS Hotshot Crews. A chat with a Line Medic.

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