Oct 7, 2022 • 52M

PODCAST: Does Cali Have a Retardant Problem? How to Become a SEAT Pilot? Dauntless Air Lays it Out and Suggests Expanded Training for the Industry. Montana Has Figured Out Managed Fire, Finally.

More States should follow. Plus More

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A Hotshot's view of wildfire and the World. Weekly worldwide wildfire updates. Ex Hotshot overhead and crewboss.
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On today’s show:

  • Does California have a retardant problem? Why don’t we see more water based tanker systems used?

    white and red airplane pouring red powder on fire
    Photo by Ben Kuo
  • How to become a SEAT Pilot? Dauntless Air lays it out and suggests expanded training for the industry. They have basically created something similar to a Hotshot Crew’s critical 80 training.

  • Montana Has Figured Out Managed Fire, finally. The State and the Administration are now welcoming managed fires. We discuss the success they’ve seen. Both the Helena Mountain Fire and the Lemonade fire are great examples of pre work helping managing of fires.

  • Full operational update

  • Plus more.

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