Sitemap - 2022 - The Hotshot Wake Up

Podcast: Dimming the Earth to Reduce Wildfires. The U.S. Government is Funding it, Companies are Testing it, and Bill Gates Wants to Help Implement it. A Good Idea or a Nightmare Waiting to Happen?

Drones in the Forest: How Do Wildland Firefighters, Pilots, and Dispatch Feel About Them?

Monday Morning Workout: A New Year Routine... Make it a Resolution.

Podcast: Dispatcher Admits to Starting 24 Wildfires This Year. Says He "Did it for the Boys and to Distract from Depression." Pilotless Helicopter Successfully Tested For Wildfire Operations.

Gov. on Verge of Shutdown as D.C. Hurries to Pass $1.7 Trillion in Spending. Is the Tim Hart Act in it? Is There Any New Wildfire Spending? Colorado and Chile Burn. Fighting Fire in Foreign Countries.

Deja Vu: Colorado Wildfires for the Holidays... Again.

Monday Morning Workout: One for the Holidays.

Feeling Shitty in the Off-Season. What's New?!

Recipe: Sweet Potato, Chicken, Bacon Hash. The Perfect Plate for Post-Workout Fuel.

Monday Morning Workout: Do you even lift bro?!

Even Santa Needs a New Saw... Why Not You?!

Podcast: Forest Service Switching Entire Fleet to Electric Vehicles. The Good, The Bad, and the Obviously Fucked. Arsonist Arrested Last Night In California Decked out in Smokejumper Gear…What’s Known

Podcast: Booz Allen, The Military Contractor That's the Gatekeeper to Our National Forests and Parks. The National Fee and Lottery System on Recreation.Gov... It's Private.

Monday Morning Workout: It's International Ninja Day... Go Kick Ass at the Gym.

Weekly Wildfire Podcast: The Benefits of Staying Dialed During the Off-Season. Robbed in Paris and Border Issues After Letting My Situational Awareness Down. Smk-Jumper Stuck in Mexican Prison.

Wildfires in Bolivia: The Country Reports Record Acreage Burned, Locals Say They Were Started by "Outsiders".

Podcast: Half a Town is Sentenced to Death for Wrongful and Brutal Murder of Wildfire Arsonist. 49 Get Death Penalty... But it's Goes Waaay Deeper. Insane story.

Chief Moore Provides Update on Oregon Burn Boss Case.

Monday Morning Workout: Santa Knows if You're Fit or if You Quit...

2022: One of the Slowest Wildfire Seasons in Years. Does That Mean 2023 Will Be a Banger?!

Podcast: Surviving the Holidays as a Wildland Firefighter. Do's, Don'ts, Suggestions and Stories. Pay\Series Update, Nearly 9.1K Firefighters are Missing Payments. Congress Passes RETIRE Bill. HUGE!!!

Monday Morning Workout: Don’t Be a Lazy Bones.

Everyone Needs New Running Shoes.

California Forest News Highlights Hotshot Crews. Interviews Eldorado Hotshot Supt. Ben Strahan.

Where Have All the Dispatchers Gone?

Monday Morning Workout: Don't Let the Snow Slow You Down.

Weekly Wildfire Update: Oregon Burn Boss Update. Sheriff Was Threatened With Arrest on the Day of the Burn. Burn Resources Requested Federal Law Enforcement But Order Went Unfilled. Plus Much More.

Mid Week Brief: Forest Service Employee Arrested in a California Underage Sex Sting. Drove Agency Fire Engine to Meet Up. Arrested in Boots and Greens. What is Known and My Opinion.

Monday Morning Workout: Don't Skip Leg Day.

Retention and Recruitment: What is the FULL Story?

Sunday Brunch: Smoked Salmon Benedicts

Podcast: Poachers Start a Wildfire in the Northern Boreal Forest This Week. Is Your Christmas Tree Poached? "Rampant Problem" Crackhead in Colorado Starts a Fire. Wildfire Fatality in Minnesota.

New Predictive Services Maps: A Hover-Round Scooter in the Middle of the Country...

Podcast: The Tim Hart Fatality. We Cover the New Learning Review and Organizational Report on the Fatality During The Eicks Fire.

Monday Morning Workout: Halloween Health

Weekly Wildfire Update: A Conversation with Chief Randy Moore, Why That's Important. Canadair Scooper Crashes, Two Pilot Fatalities. Are Firefighters Becoming Desensitized to Death? Operational Update

Deputy Director of The Bureau of Land Management Releases Statement on Oregon Burn Boss Arrest.

Podcast: Multiple Firefighters Burned and Injured in Nebraska and Missouri This Week. Forest Service Chief Addresses Oregon Mess. California Mandates Fire-Wise Discounts and Federal Mandate Update.

Fix This Mess. It’s a National Embarrassment...

Monday Morning Workout: Start the Week Right

Weekly Update: Overreaction in Oregon? Burn Boss Arrested After Prescribed Burn Jumps Onto Private Ranch Land. I Discuss What is Known and the Future Repercussions. Operational Update, and More.

Reports of a Burn Boss Arrested Last Night After Prescribed Fire Spots Onto Private Land.

Community Donation: Helping a Wildfire Family.

Mid Week Brief: US Media Admits China Using Military Drones to Cloud Seed Above Wildfires. They Call it a Cyberpunk Utopia. Bucket Drop Drones Coming? I Cover the Newly Announced Perm Employee Switch.

Monday Morning Workout: The Top is Only Halfway There...

Everyone Deserves a Great Knife: Fall Knife Giveaway.

Podcast: Outside Magazine Suggests Firefighter Suicides Are Due to Climate Change. I Discuss the Actual Reasons. Defensible Space. Get Together, Get it Done and Don’t Be a Lazy Landowner.

An Email I Received About Overtime...

Podcast: Wine Country Battling CA Over Dead Trees from the Glass Fire. Attorney General Sets New "Voluntary" Building Rules in Rural Areas, You'll Get Sued if You Don't Follow. The Wildfire "Crisis".

Monday Morning Workout: Put on Your Big Boy and Big Girl Pants.

PODCAST: Does Cali Have a Retardant Problem? How to Become a SEAT Pilot? Dauntless Air Lays it Out and Suggests Expanded Training for the Industry. Montana Has Figured Out Managed Fire, Finally.

Mid Week Brief: Winter Work/Cash Jobs. Off Season Jobs I’ve Done and Other Options. The NFFE Addresses the Supplemental OT Issues. A Story About an Ex, a Make Believe Wife, and a Bank Robbery, Crazy.

Predictive Services Rolls Out the Crystal Ball Again...

Monday Morning Workout: Jump to it.

Podcast: A Wildfire Tax, It's Not an Idea Anymore, It's Here. States Voting to Increase Sales Tax to Pay for Wildfires. $117M Settlement in the Camp Fire Case, All Going to Gov. and Not the Victims?

Mid Week Brief: The Mosquito Fire, The Investigation, and The Company Everyone Loves to Hate, PG&E. Chief Moore Refuses to Take Responsibility in NPR Interview. Then who? New Bill on Fire Housing.

PG&E Admits a Criminal Investigation is Underway for the Mosquito Fire.

Cause of the Massive Moose Fire in Idaho Determined.

Monday Morning Workout: Back at it.

Go Into Next Season Better Than You Left It.

Weekly Wildfire Update: Oregon Scraps Mandated Wildfire Risk Map Due to Inaccuracies. Wildfires are Increasing AND Decreasing, Perspective. NY Times Says Screen Time is Healthier than Wildfire Smoke.

Mid Week Brief: Hiring in the Middle of the Season? Some Say it's a Problem. Largest Big Bear CA Project Under Threat of Litigation by Advocacy Groups, Why Nothing Gets Done. A Rant for the People.

Monday Morning Workout: Coffee and Cardio

Further Delays on the New Firefighter Series After Insiders Claim Agencies Just "Copy and Pasting" Old Documents.

Weekly Wildfire Update: Wildfire Commission Meets for the First Time in SLC Utah. Behind Schedule\Questions Unanswered. Fire Aviation Company Finds New Runway Forward, Fascinating. Operational Update.

Cold Weather Fires Can Make You or Break You.

Mid Week Brief: The Prescribed Burn Ban is Over, Kind of... We Cover the New Policy. Another Aviation Crash. Hazard Tree Alert Published After Fatalities, Great Reminders. Sleeping Naked is Superior.

Monday Morning Workout: Cold Mornings Need a Warm-up

PG&E Files With State Regulators Over Power Line That Faulted the Day of The Mosquito Fire.

Weekly Wildfire Update: California Fires Go Big. Nationally a PL4. Idaho, Montana, and the Pacific NW Very Active. The Tim Hart Act Update. Keep Your Mind Active and Don't Get Complacent.

Helicopter Crashes Into Merrill Lake While Doing Bucket Work in Washington State.

Mid Week Brief: Multiple Fatality Fires in California. PL4 Nationally. Grassroots Writes Congress, Asks for a Standalone Tim Hart Bill. The D.C. Office Being Sheisty with the New Pay Series.

Monday Morning Workout: Labor Day Lunges.

Two Confirmed Fatalities From the Mill Fire.

A Filthy September: Embrace the Filth.

Weekly Wildfire Update: Report on Injured Hotshots Due to Bucket Drop on the Calf Canyon. Investigation Starts Due to Laser Pointers Directed at Moose Fire Pilots. Snaptember, Stories and Suggestions.

New Predictive Services Maps Out: A lot of changes, and still a lot of potential.

Labor Day Boot Giveaway: New Boot Goofin!

Mid Week Brief: Active Shooter at Northern Rockies Coordination Center, What Happened? 99% of Wildfires in CA are Human Caused. Heat Wave Coming. Late Season Rolls and Staying Fit During Sept.

Monday Morning Workout: Your Potential is Limitless, Your Motivation Determines Where You Go.

Rat-Holing Resources: An Ethical Dilemma With Major Consequences.

Weekly Wildfire Update: National Update. New Mental Health Legislation Passed, A Strange Reaction. Global Council Wants Worldwide Wildfire Standardization. My Thoughts. How to Beat Midseason Burnout.

Mid Week Brief Podcast: China Develops Exoskeleton System for Their Wildland Firefighters. US Special Forces Develops Something Similar. All of Your Stories About Finding Remains on Wildfire. Giants!

Monday Morning Workout: Finish Strong

Forest Service Chief Moore Receives Prescribed Fire Review and Report.

Your Avenza Maps are About to Disappear.

Weekly Wildfire Update: Full Ops Update. Dragon Fire Finds Evidence in Missing Person Case. How Many People Disappear in Forests Each Year? A New Stadium Sized Fire Balloon. PANIC: Get Rid of It.

Big Ernie: The Reason Your Season is the Way it is.

Mid Week Brief: The Caldor Fire Anniversary, Investigation Claims Delayed Project May Have Saved Grizzly Flats. The FS Gives Official Update on Pay. A Conversation About Alcohol Culture in Fire.

Monday Morning Workout: Mid Season Maintenance.

Weekly Wildfire Update: Full Operational Update. Nasa Funds New Drone for Resource Tracking on Wildfires, Interactive Chat and Video. Problems With Coal Seam Fires. A Tragedy in Oregon, What Happened?

USA Jobs is Like a Mark 3 Pump... It's Broken Before You Even Start.

Mid Week Brief: The Texas and California Burn-overs, What Happened? Report Claims Forest Service has been Overcounting Project Work Acres by 1,200% in Some Cases, August Mindset: Don't Let it Fester.

Our Community Helps Tahoe NF Dispatcher Diagnosed with Breast Cancer.

McKinney Fire Claims Another Life.

Monday Morning Workout: It's all a Mindset.

Supplemental Pay is Missing in a lot of Paychecks...

NBC Causes Confusion Over the Start of the McKinney Fire. However, Their Investigation Does Offer Some Clues.

Weekly Wildfire Update: Region 6 Pops, R1 Rips. Are Environmentalists Making Wildfires Worse? The Environment Research Center Says Yes. New Clunky Respirators for Wildland Firefighters, Plus More.

Mid Week Brief: The McKinney, Elmo, Other Major Incidents. Calf Canyon Residents Told Feds Won't Cover 100% of Costs Now, Montana Governor Says They Will Immediately Put Out Every Fire Going Forward.

New Predictive Services Maps, I'm Scared... and Excited.

Monday Morning Workout: Welcome to August.

Should You Talk and Hike? A Question That Could Start WW3.

Montana and California Go Big, Dirty August Started 2 Days Early.

Weekly Wildfire Update: Southern Area Heat Wave, Montana Looks Ready, Idaho Getting Busy, Russia on Fire. Why is August Dirty? We Discuss the Reasons, Pros\Cons. FS Starts Canceling Prescribed Burns.

Locals in Oregon Tie Arsonist to a Tree.

Mid Week Brief: The Militia Shows Up on the Oak Fire, Fires in Slovenia are Detonating WW1 and WW2 Bombs, The Moose Fire Update, New Fire Shelters?! Are they Better Than What We Have Now?

Monday Morning Workout: Shoulder the Burden

Let It Burn..... Or Not. Fire is Inherently Good, Until it Isn't.

Chinook Helicopter Crashes on the Moose Fire in Salmon Idaho.

Weekly Wildfire Update: Full Operational Update. Washburn Fire Refused Retardant Drops During IA, Why? New Legislation Includes Tim Hart Act, Multiple Aviation Crashes This Week. What Happened and Why

Breaking: New Bill Includes the Tim Hart Pay Parity, Hazard Pay for Prescribed Burns, A Week of Mental Health Days Off, and More...

Former Wyoming Hotshot and Current Redmond Smokejumper Injured on an Alaskan Fire.

Mid Week Brief: Idaho Decides it's Ready, The Moose Fire Goes Type 1, Everything is Bigger in Texas, Flagstaff Hotshot Supt Writes Great Editorial, Remembering the Salt Fire, and Why We Take Risks.

Lessons Learned or Lessons Forgotten? How Can We Make Incidents Within Incidents More Dialed.

Monday Morning Workout: Don't Ignore the Core

Money Talks, But is the Stipend Enough to Help With Retention and Applicants?

Another Pilot Dies in Europe While Fighting Wildfires.

Weekly Wildfire Update: Utah, Alaska, Yosemite, and Europe Burn. Rent might be suspended at Forest Service Housing, HUGE Housing Updates, New Retirement Bill Passes House, FBI Joins the Wildfire Fight

Helicopter Crashes into Sea While Helping Fight Greece Wildfires. 4 Missing.

Mid Week Brief: Supervisor in Charge for The Calf Canyon and Hermits Peak now #3 at the Forest Service, Hmmmm. Flying Tree on Washburn Fire Almost Hits Tanker and Lead Plane, Utah Arrests Suspects.

Hide Your Kids, Hide Your Wife, It’s a PL3 Nationally.

Helping the Family of Doug Ritchie, the Pilot That Died on the Clear Fire in Alaska.

Monday Morning Workout: Carry it Through...

It's Happening... Region 4 is on Fire.

Weekly Wildfire Update: Space Force Facility Threatened by the Clear Fire. The Yukon Burning Like AK. HISTORY MADE, First Ever Short Haul Insertion. Plus, Firefighter Climbs into Bucket for Extraction

The Little Things... How To Keep Family and Loved Ones a Priority During the Season.

Mid Week Brief: A Massive War is Taking Place in the Retardant Industry. Who Will Win? Is There a Fire Industrial Complex? NPR Says We are Doing Prescribed Burning all Wrong, “A new fire force...”

Monday Morning Workout : Freedom Fit

Predictive Services Says Texas, California, Alaska, and Montana are Gunna Be Nuked Off Planet Earth.

Weekly Wildfire Update: Great Basin Ready, Nor Cal Ready, Alaska is on Fire... Remembering Granite Mountain Hotshots, Personal Opinions on the Matter, PTSD in Wildfire, Fireworks Are Not Evil...Right?

California Helitak Member in Critical Condition After Horrible Car Wreck on the Way to Work.

Mid Week Brief: What's Going on in Alaska? Secret Military Installations Threatened, Aviation Fatality, Logistics Nightmare. Chinooks Retrofitted for Nighttime Ops & Can You Survive a Big Cat Attack?

Federal Mandates Deemed Unconstitutional...Again

Monday Morning Workout:

1 Fatality After a Helicopter Crashes on the Clear Fire in Alaska.

Weekly Wildfire Update: Alaska Pops Off, California & Utah Join the Show, The Hermits Peak Report... What Went Wrong? Cal Fire loses 10% of Their Staff, Will the Supplemental Payments Help Retention?

Independence Day Saw Giveaway.

Mid Week Brief: We Go Over ALL the FAQs for the Supplemental Pay and New Wildfire Series. Forest Service Calls Up Incident Management Team For a Hippy Festival. Hundreds of LEOs May be Ordered.

Errbody Getting Paid. OPM Announces New Wildfire Series and Supplemental Payments.

Monday Morning Workout: You're Jacked, Now Stay Jacked.

Alaska Fire Season Keeps Chuggin, State Setting Acreage Records.

Fire Food is as Bad as the Pay. Quality Calories Count.

Weekly Wildfire Update: Southwest, Alaska, Cali, and More, Did Randy Moore Lie to Congress? Full Pay Update, Announcement Coming, PG&E Pleads Not Guilty for the Zogg Fire Deaths... Corruption?

Mid Week Brief : The Pipeline Fire and the Toilet Paper Bandit, How it Started, Offerings to Big Ernie, I Discuss One Noticeable Syndrome I Have From Fighting Fire, The Testing Policy Explained...

Amid Massive Staffing Issues, California Sends Home Wildland Firefighters for not Taking an Experimental Test.

Monday Morning Workout: The Big Ernie Burn.

President Biden Visits Region 3: Is this a Rerun?

Weekly Wildfire Update: Alaska Pops Off, Southwest Still Busy, Heat Wave Coming... Chief Moore Testifies, Promises Payments by Months End, But to Who?, Breakdown of the Hearing, Plus Much More...

The Great Migration North : Alaska Goes PL3.

Mid Week Brief : The Creek Fire is Now Officially the Shadiest Fire in California, I Cover an Internal Investigation Sent to Me, The NFFE Puts Out a List of Demands Before The Raises are Implemented.

Monday Morning Workout: Someone's Got a Case of the Monday's...

Vale Hotshot Injured on Calf Canyon Out for the Season. A Full Update. Our Community Helps.

Helping a Wildland Firefighter Diagnosed with Leukemia.

Weekly Wildfire Update: Full Operational Update, Three Hotshots Injured on the Calf Canyon Fire, {one severely} What Happened?, New Developments on the Raises, What's Known? Plus Much More.

Huge: National Federation of Federal Employees Goes to Bat for Wildland Firefighter Raises.

Buckle Up, Predictive Services Says 1,000 Hours of Overtime is Basically Guaranteed.

Mid Week Brief: Army Building a New Jumpsuit for Jumpers, Calf Canyon's Newly Discovered Origins, The Relationship Between Smokejumpers, the CIA, and Special Forces, Do Agencies Boost Fire Numbers?

Monday Morning Workout: R&R Recovery Session

The Feds Started the Calf Canyon Fire... Was it Then Used to Push a Federal Policy Agenda?

Forest Service Admits Pile Burn Started the Calf Canyon Fire.

Weekly Wildfire Update: Alaska Starts, Colorado Ready, Southwest Continues, Firefighter Revives Baby Elk, Hotshots Saving Horses, Huge Seed Nursery Evacuated, Mandatory GPS Tracking for Firefighters

Mid Week Brief: All the Details From the Pay Meeting and My Thoughts On It, Serial Arsonist Caught in California, After New Mexico, California Admits to Cloud Seeding…

Feather River Hotshot Injured on Jumper Detail

Raise Meeting Minutes : There are knowns and unknowns.

Spoiler Alert: Raises Going Through. Payouts Coming.

Monday Morning Workout: Building Over Time.

Amid Historic Wildfires, New Mexico Starts Cloud Seeding.

Are Wildfire Arsons Becoming More Frequent? If so, Why? Recent Cases and Arrests.

Forest Service Chief Halts All Prescribed Fire.

Weekly Wildfire Update: Full Operational Update, Helicopter Manager Reported Missing Found Deceased... What We Know, New Study Shows Nearly Half U.S. Homes at Wildfire Risk... Legit? Raise Questions..

Smokejumper Seriously Injured on Training Jump.

Should Public Lands Remain Public? A Precedent is Being Set.

Mid Week Brief: What's Going on with the Raises, What We Know..., Are Prescribed Burns Now Awful Because of Hermits Peak, Forests Start Full Closures, The Good, Bad, and Ugly.

The Raises are Coming, But When? New "Raise" Meetings Scheduled.

Calf Canyon Fire Now Largest in New Mexico's History.

Monday Morning Workout: Bells and Ropes.

Was the Hermits Peak Fire Avoidable? Paul Gleason Knew The Answer.

New Mexico Asks Feds to Cover 100% the Cost of Fires. Cited Hermits Peak Forest Service Prescribed Burn.

Weekly Wildfire Update: Operational Update, Cali Coastal Fire , Southwest, and Canada. NPR Talks Firefighter Wages, Congress Takes Action, Tree Strikes Hotshot, I Get Blocked By the Forest Service.

A Hotshot on Calf Canyon Fire Hit by Hazard Tree.

The Mid Week Brief Podcast: The New Forest Service Testing and Reporting Policy... What's in it? 2 Firefighters Pass Away This Week, New Study Says Homeless are Starting Hundreds of Wildfires.

The Mid Week Brief Podcast: The New Forest Service Testing and Reporting Policy... What's in it? 2 Firefighters Pass Away This Week, New Study Says Homeless are Starting Hundreds of Wildfires.

HHS Secretary Declares Public Health Emergency in New Mexico.

The Forest Service Releases New Covid Policy.

Your Money Makers: Take Care of Them and They'll Take Care of You.

Community donation.

Weekly Wildfire Update: Full Operational Update, National Emergency Declared for New Mexico, Forest Service Chief Testifies, Huge Study on Firefighter Heart Issues, Colorado Sees Record Year Coming...

New Drought Maps Show Spring Precipitation Lessening Drought Impacts.

Canada "Forgets" to Renew Wildfire Aviation, Crew, and Logistics Contracts for 2022.

Podcast: The New Workers Comp Disease Treatment Policy. A Deep Dive Into What it Provides, The Coast Guard Wants to Fight Fire...Good Idea?, How to React to Situations You Can't Control.

NASA Asks for Wildland Firefighter's Help in Developing New Technologies for Wildfire

Monday Morning Workout: May Day

New Predictive Services Maps Promise a Busy Fire Year.

6 Members of Congress Ask For $20 an Hour Minimum for Wildland Firefighters

Calf Canyon Fire Destroys 166 Homes.

Weekly Wildfire Update: Full Operational Update of Current Fires, New Executive Order a Missed Opportunity, Canada Retention Issues, The Scooper Fleet, Oregon Battles DC, and Congress Doesn't Get It..

New Drought Maps Released.

Majority of Wildland Firefighters Have Lost Faith in D.C. Policy Makers.

Monday Morning Workout: Jump Around

Nebraska Wildfire Kills Former Fire Chief and Injures 15 Firefighters.

Politicians Continue to Treat Wildland Firefighters Like Naive Children.

New Mexico is Having a Fire Season to Remember.

Weekly Wildfire Update: Full Operational Update, PL4 in Region 3, The Forest Service Chief Sends a Letter, Amazon Delivery Drones Cause Wildfire, Bozeman Dispatch Center Closes, Plus Much More.

New Community Donation.

Don't Be that Guy, or Gal: How to be an Asset, Not an Asshole.

Things to Know Going Into This Busy Fire Season.

Southwest Area Moves to a Planning Level 4.

Arizona Joins New Mexico as Large Fires Break Out.

Monday Morning Workout: Easter Legs.

Firefighter Loses Everything During the McBride Fire.

Thank You: The Hotshot Wake Up is now the #13 Nature\Outdoor Podcast in the Nation.

Firefighters React to the Mandates: The Elephant in the Room.

Helping a Hotshot Superintendent.

Weekly Wildfire Update: McBride Fatalities, Hermits Peak Apology Tour, Caterer Crisis, Fire Mitigation In California is Broken, Forest Service Resignation Goes Viral.

NOAA : Drought Conditions Continue Throughout the Country.

Community Donation.

Fires Meals: The Problem, The Reactions, The Solution.

R3 Pops Off, Multiple New Starts.

Justice Department Moves To Begin Enforcing Federal Mandate Again.

Power Company PG&E Cuts Deal to Avoid Criminal Charges.

Crew Workouts: Group Workouts that Build Cohesion and are Competitive.

A Wildland Firefighter's Guide to Not Going Broke

Thai Chili Steak Breakfast Bowl

Weekly Wildfire Update: Judges Reinstate Employee Mandate, Forest Service Admits Losing 40% of Workforce in Two Years in Testimony, Mental Patient Released After Starting Wildfire in Colorado.

🚨Breaking: US Federal Judge Panel Upholds Vaccine Mandate for Federal Workers

Trust Your Gut: Where it Comes From and Why You Should Listen.

Multiple New Starts Worldwide, North Carolina Sees a Large New Start.

California in Trouble: 2022 already the Driest in History, Massive Heat Wave Expected This Week.

Monday Morning Workout : Circuit Breaker

Another community donation.

NWCG Committee Admits Fire Shelters Made Before 2006 Come Apart in Entrapments.

April Predictive Services Shows Massive Swath of Significant Fire Potential

Podcast: Weekly Wildfire Update, Tennessee and Texas on fire, Wildfire in India Causes Tigers to Eat People, Boulder Burns, "New" Firefighter Health Registry, PBS Pushes Prescribed Burning.

With 80mph Winds a Tennessee fire breaks out.

Bonus Podcast: Who is The Hotshot Wake Up?

Breaking: PL2 Nationally and PL4 in the Southern Area

Former Logan Hotshot and Alaska Smokejumper Gets Help From Our Paid Subscribers.

Monday Morning Workout: Top of the Pyramid.

Bison Sloppy Joe's with Organic Veggies on Fresh Ciabatta

Weekly Wildfire Podcast: Operational Update, Pre Season Trends, Caldor Fire Debrief, Drones Take Over, and More.

Our Community Donated to Help a Lifelong Wildland Firefighter

Our small community has donated to help a Hotshot Supt in need.

A Pre Season Trend That Everyone is Aware of But No One Talks About.

Monday Morning Workout- We do it because we want to.

Huge Swath of the Nation Under Red Flag Warnings or Fire Weather Watch.

Weekly Wildfire Update Podcast : Texas on Fire, Two Firefighters Burned Over, Smokejumpers in Congress, The Fire Shelter Cultural Divide, and more.

NOAA Updates Drought Levels Across 23 States.

Does the Wildfire World have a Fire Shelter Problem?

Mid Week Wildfire News Update : Drone Use Increasing in Wildland Fire, Politico article addresses hiring issues but misses the target, Forestry Tech charged with Arson, and more.

Monday Morning Workout : It's time to make yourself work while you're tired.

Weekly Wildfire Update : Very Strange Happenings at the Heli-Expo, Sleeping in Bomb Craters, Wildfire Devastates Endangered Red Wolf Habitat, and more.

Fireline Cider

New Wildfire Mask and Testing Policy Released.

Monday Morning Workout

Weekly Wildfire Update : The Tom McClintock Drama, South Korean Fire Burns Near Nuclear Plant, The Forest Service is Confused About Masks, and more!

Hotshot Cast Iron Cobbler

Another Community Donation

Significant Wildfire Potential Increasing This Spring

Weekly workout

Downhill is Hard on the Body, Uphill is Hard on the Soul.

Weekly Wildfire Update Podcast : New U.N. Global Wildfire Standards, Argentina's Fires, Pre Season Workouts, and Hiring.

Your support has helped raise awareness.

They took our salad bar, what’s next?

Monday Morning Workout

Did the Spring Fire Season Just Start?

USA Jobs is shitty but at least it kinda barely works.

The Crispiest and Best Nachos ever.

The Psychology of Shitting in the Woods.

The PB.B.B.B. and Honey Breakfast toast.

Weekly Wildfire Update : Colorado's Mass Resignation, Pre Season Hiring\Training, Tim's Act Progress, and More.

Monday morning workout

Core instead of Super Bowl Halftime Commercials

Some reminders for all.

Roasted Spaghetti Squash Bacon Bowl with Homemade Herbed Garlic Butter.

Another community donation.

Dry Crews, Wet Crews, and Soggy Crewmembers.

Mid Week Cardio Crusher

Monday Morning Leg Day.

Off season date night dinner.

Is it Good for Someone to Get Broke Off?

Monday Morning Workout

A Breakfast That Will Bitch Slap Your Day.

The Tim Hart Wildland Classification and Pay Parity Act

Monday Morning Hotshot Workout

Recovery methods that will change the way you crush up a mountain.

The Hotshot Wake Up : Weekly Wildfire Update

🚨The Forest Service has officially paused their vaccine mandate requirement.

Do the boots you wear offer a window into your soul?

Do pine trees make steroids?

So you want to be a Hotshot...

First community donations!

Are wildland firefighters mentally fit?

Available to share.

Can Hotshots survive the Apocalypse?

Stay calm, think clearly, and fucking bury the rookie...

Do Hotshot's actually need sleep?

The Wake Up

Colorado's Fire and the Impacts of "Dispatch Hesitancy"

Coming soon